Sunday, October 16, 2011

Indian movie stars

Bollywood films are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Perhaps the actresses who have the leading roles in the films are one of the main reasons of such popularity. Actually, there are plenty of talented and beautiful actresses in Indian film industry, so it is not surprizing that plenty of them have already gain the recognision of the whole world.
In fact, Namitha is one of the brightest cinema stars. She often appears on various cinema events what make their fans really happy. However, her behaviour there is often recognized as controversial and becomes the main source of gossips often. For example, she was recently seen on at Chennai for the Music Launch of the 3D movie Ambuli in a casual clothing — jeans and top, what is really not suitable for such formal event.
It is also impossible to forget about such well-known Indian movie actress as Asin Thottukmal . Besides acting in various movies, she finds some time to visit Indian tv shows. That way Asin was a guest on a India’s most desirable recently, where she was talking about her recent role in a film. In addition, she has mentioned such interesting detail as eating bug while filming.

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